A gargantuan THANK YOU for last night. The service you provided was incredible.  All the staff were polite helpful and proactive, attending to the tiniest detail with enormous professionalism and good grace.

Kerrie you managed the whole event on the night masterfully, premempting any issues before they arose.  The occasional mishaps, such as a broken glass or guest who needed escorting, you were there on the scene the moment it occurred.  You judged the evening impeccably and advised so well when you felt things needed shifting slightly from the schedule to allow for late guests, or when the guests were getting itchy to get get up and dance.  You could feel the atmosphere in the room and knew exactly what was needed at any given moment.  Really I was incredibly impressed thank you.  You were spot on about clearing tables at the beginning of the last song, I was concerned it may be disruptive, but you knew the guests wanted to dance and move around and had I known you would clear so deftly, I wouldn’t have had a second thought about when to clear!

The Photo booth was genius and the pictures amazing! Thank you!

Choc Fountains were cute incredibly stacked and tasted fab.

I know there had been tinkering by guests with place names!  One person was moved  from one end of the room to the other!! You coped magnificently with this and it must have been very difficult for you

The chicken had many compliments on my table, it was lovely.

So a huge thank you  for the totally amazing service!

Warmest regards,

Tanya Link

Tanya The Garden Museum